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All Out Of Love

Air Supply | Air Supply

I"m l ying alone
With my h ead on the phone
[F]                       [C]
Thinking of you till it h urts
I kn ow you hurt too
But what else can we do
F/bb [F] [G]
To  rmented and torn a part
I wi sh I could carry
Your sm ile in my heart
[F]                               [C]
The times when my life seems so low
       [F]                    G/b
People make me believe what tom orrow could bring
     F/bb [F]
When to day doesn"t really kn ow.
Doesn"t re ally know

I"m a ll out of love
I"m so lost without you
I know y ou were right
           [F]   [G]
Believi ng for so long
I"m a ll out love
What am I without you?
I can"t be too late
        [F]     [G] [C]
(To say that)

(I know ) I was so wrong
I want y ou to comeback
And ca rry me home
[F]                           [C]
Away from these long lonely ni ghts
I"m reaching for you
Are you fe eling it too
F/bb [F] [G]
[D] oes the feeling seem oh so r ight
And wh at would you say
If I ca ll on you now
[F]                         [C]
And say that I can"t hold on
There"s no easy way
It gets h arder each day
       F/bb [F]
Please l ove me or I"ll be g one
I"ll be go ne

                 G/b-am [Em] [F]em
(Back up vocals) Ah--,  What are you thinking of
              [Dm]       [Em] [Am]
What a re you thinking of
                 [Am]           [F]em
(Back up vocals) What are you thinking of
             [Dm]              [F]g
What are you thinking o f---

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