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That"s Why You Go Away

N/A | Michael Learns To Rock

          Baby [C]won't you tell me [D]why there [G]is sadness in your eyes
I [Am]don't wanna [B7]say [Em]goodbye to you
Love [Am]is one [D]big [B7]illusion [D#]I [Em]should try to forget
But [Am]there is something [D]left in my [G]head
You're [Am]the one who [D]set it [G]up now you're the one to make it stop
I'm [Am]the one who's [B7]feeling [Em]lost right now
Now [Am]you want me [Dm]to [B7] [D#]forget every [Em]little thing you said
but [Am]there is something [Dm]left [G]in my head
Chorus :
I won't forget [C]the [D]way you're [G]kissing
The feeling's so [Am]strong [D]were lasting [G]for so long
But I'm not the [C]man your [D]heart is [Em]missing
That's why you [Am]go [D]away [G]I know
You [Am]were [D]never satisfied [G]no matter how I tried
Now [Am]you wanna [B7]say goodbye [Em]to me
Love [Am]is one [D]big illusion [B7]I [D#]should [Em]try to forget
but [Am]there is [D]somethi ng [G]left in my head
Bridge :
Sitting [Eb]here [F]all alone is the [Bb]middle of nowhere
Don't [Am]know [D]which way [G]to go
There ain't [Eb]so much to [F]say now [Bb]between us
There ain't [Am]so much [D]for you
There ain't [Gm]so much [Am7]for [F] [Am7]me anymore
...That's why you go [Am]away [D]I [G]know
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