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Amnesia - Britney Spears

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[Cm] I saw him standin" there in the parkin" lot [Ab] He asked if I came here a lot [Cm] [Bb] And this is how I responded CHORUS: [Eb] I forgot my name I forgot my telephone number [Cm] If he wanna see me He don"t even know it [Ab] I forgot my address Damsel in distress [Bb] I forgot my boyfriend Was the one that had bought me this rock [Eb] I get amnesia when I"m standin" next to you-ou-ou [Cm] He"s been with me for several years I know this much is true [Ab] Didn"t know it was over, "til you came on over [Bb] And told me that you just, just can"t [Eb] Forget about me VERSE: [Eb] I talk to my girls I can talk to my girls like crazy [Cm] To anyone, I speak my mind I tell "em off, it don"t phase me [Ab] I"m not lazy But boy, lately [Bb] When I see you, I stu-utter Words just slip away like butterflies

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