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Betrayal - Diêu Tư Đình

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[Am]..My [Am]love has gone [C]away, ...[Em] quietly after a [Am]hundered days. ...[Em] This is what's she has [F]always said she [G]won't stay for more than what she [Am]can repay. I can still hear her [C]say there ...[Em] that I'm not hearing [Am]tender play ...[Em] The day she let me [F]kiss her was a [G]display, of love to those who [Am]she betray. How can I put [C]someone to the test, when I thought [Em]I got the best. Untill the [Am]taste of bitterness then I [Em]regret but still that I won't [F]detest, the love I can't [G]forget, like someone who has [Am]left. How can i leave [C]someone for the rest when i'm alone [Em]facing the best Untill they [Am]take some try to reason i [Em]regret But still that i won't [F]detest who i can never [G]forget like someone i once [Am]met.. Chuẩn giọng Diêu Tư Đình luôn.

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