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Intro: [E] [C#m] [A] [B] [E] Verse 1: [E]This is more than a typical kinda [C#m]thing Felt the joints in my bones where you were touching [A]me, oh oh [B]Didn't want to take it [E]slow [E]In the days, going crazed, I can barely [C#m]think You're replaying in my brain, find it hard to [A]sleep, oh oh [B]Waiting for my phone to [E]blow [E]Now I'm here in a sticky situation [E]Got a little trouble, yep and now i'm pacin' [C#m]Five minutes, ten minutes, now it's been an hour [C#m]Don't wanna think too hard, but i'm sour [A]Oh oh, I [B]can't seem to let you [E]go Chorus: [E]See i've been waiting all day For you to call me [C#m]baby So [A]let's get up, let's get on it Don't you [B]leave me broken hearted [E]tonight [E]Come on, that's right [E]Honest baby i'll do Anything you [C#m]want to So can we [A]finish what we started Don't you [B]leave me broken hearted [E]tonight Come on, that's right Uh cheerio Verse 2: (same as verse 1) What's the time, such a crime Not a single word, sipping on a patron Just to calm my nerves, oh oh Poppin' bottles by the phone Oh yeah Act me up, pat me down, turn me inside out That's enough, hold me up Maybe i'm in doubt, oh oh Now don't even think you know, no no chorus Verse 3: Anything you wanna do, i'll be on it too Everything you say, it's like a gold with a view Business on the front, party in the back Maybe I was wrong, was the outfit really wack This kinda thing doesn't happen usually I'm on the opposite side of it, truthfully I know you want it so come and get it Uh cheerio chorus Outro: [E]When you gonna call [E]Don't leave me broken hearted [C#m]I've been waiting up Let's finish what we started, oh [A]oh [B]I can't seem to let you [E]go Come on, that's right

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