By now

Verse 1: 
I don't talk to anyone from [D] high school 
Cause I [Bm]dropped out [A] freshman [G] year 
Signed a record deal 
Then made an [D] album 
No one's [Bm]ever [A] gonna [G] hear 
Now they've all graduated [D] college 
I've never [Bm] left this [A] [G] studio 
Memories [D] of half my life are [G] missing 
I've still [Bm] haven't written [A] anything you [G] know 
But I'll keep [Em] breaking my own heart 
[A] Finding ways to make it out 
I'm [D] still not what I [F#m] wanna [Bm] be 
So [Bm]what more do you [A] want from [G] me 
[G] I should've been [D]somebody 
By [Bm] [A] [D]now 
[A] [G] I should've been [D] somebody 
By [Bm] [A] [G]now 
Not a [Em] damned thing's [A] changed 
And [D] now the years go [A] by 
No one [Bm] knows my [A] name 
[G] I should've been somebody 
Verse 2: 
Since I was five I never stopped [D] performing 
Even [Bm] when my [A] dad got [G] sick 
Stayed behind my family moved to [D] Houston 
One more [Bm] f"king show [A] I just couldn't [G] exist 
Pre chorus: 
I've [Em] sacrificed more than enough 
And after [A] everything I've done 
I'm [D] still not where I [F#m]wanna [Bm] be 
So [Bm] what more do you [A] want from [G] me 
[G] I could've been somebody
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