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Can you feel the love tonight

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[F] [C] There"s a calm surrender [F] [C] To the rush of day [F] [C] When the heat of the rolling world [Dm] g Can be turned away An enchanted moment And it sees me through It"s enough for this restless warrior Just to be with you There"s a time for everyone If they only learn That the twisting kaleidoscope Moves us all in turn There"s a rhyme and reason To the wild outdoors When the heart of the star-crossed voyager Beats in time with yours Chorus : [C] [G] [Am] [F] And can you feel the love tonight [C] [G] It is where we are [F] [G] [Am] It"s enough for this wide- eyed wanderer [Dm] [G] [C] That we"ve got this far And can you feel the love tonight How it"s laid to rest It"s enough to make kings and vagabonds Believe the very best

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