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Cry - Rihana

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Intro: [Cm] [Ab] [Cm] [Ab] . . [Cm] [Ab] I"m not the type to get my heart broken [Cm] I"m not the type to get upset and cry [Ab] "cause I never leave my heart open [Bb] Relationships don"t get deep to me [Gm] Never got the whole in love thing [Ab] And someone can say they love me truly [Cm] But at the time it didn"t mean a thing Chorus: [Ab] [Cm] My mind is gone, I"m spinning round [Ab] [Ab] And deep inside, my tears I"ll drown [Bb] [Gm] I"m losing grip, what"s happening [Ab] [Cm] I stray from love, this is how I feel This time was different [Ab] Felt like, I was just a victim [Fm] And it cut me like a knife [Bb] When you walked out of my life [Cm] Now I"m, in this condition [Ab] And I"ve, got all the symptoms [Fm] Of a girl with a broken heart [Bb] [Ab] But no matter what you"ll never see me cry Chorus [Ab] [Gm] [Cm] How did I get here with you, I"ll never know? [Ab] [Gm] [Cm] I never meant to let it get so , personal . [Ab] [Bb] [Gm] [Cm] After all I tried to do, stay away from loving you [Bb] [Ab] I"m broken hearted, I can"t let you know [Bb] And I won"t let it show [Cm] You won"t see me cry [Cm] All my life...

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