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Don"t Walk Away - Miley Cyrus

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Intro: G Em C D (use palm muting)*Listen to song to hear pattern Verse 1: [G] [Em] I ve been runn ing [C] [D] I n circles all da y long. [G] [Em] I" m out of b reath, [C] [D] b ut I"m still going s trong. Pre[C]horus: C5 [Am] I" m gonna get you, yeah, no mat ter what they say. C5 [Am] C5[D] Y ou think I"m losin g, but I always get my way. Chorus [G] [Em] [C] [D] Do n"t walk awa y when I"m talking to you. [G] [Em] [C] [D] Th is ain"t no t ime or your ba d attitude . [G] D on"t gimme, [Em] T hat face. [C] [D] W hen you know I"m really do wn for the chase. [G] Cause my hea rts already in it [Em] And I"m never gonna quit it. [C] When you finall y gonna get it. [D] D on"t walk away. (Intro Chords again) Verse 2: [G] [Em] Y ou act, act like [C] [D] T hat I don"t have a clue. [G] [Em] Y ou think,you know it all, [C] [D] but I"m so onto y ou. Pre[C]horus: C5 [Am] C5 [Am] Y ou think you" ve figured out just how to win this ga me. C5 [Am] C5 [Am] I" m on your tra cks, yeah, I know every move you ma ke. Chorus...same [D] [G] Dont w alk aw ay.

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