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Fly By

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Intro: [Dm]- [C]- [Bb]- [C]- [Dm]- [Am]- [Gm][A]. [Dm]I just got your cue to go [Am]keeping your style from head to toe [Gm]you act so [Am]natural youre feeling beautiful now it's [Dm]time, gonna let you know lay [Am]my cards like a video with the hot [Gm]stuff, its hot [Am]stuff you we got stuff Refrain: another night, so [Dm]far [Am]good [Gm]enough to sight your [Am]card [Dm]what a [Am]sight you are think i know [Gm]somewhere we [Am]could take chorus: after time, [Dm]got enough to talk now got [Am]a city, oh lock out [Gm]try now in the [Am]low run gotta sight in the fly by fly by, [Dm]fly by, fly by [Dm]girl its time to let you know [Am]im dying if you wanna go you [Gm]can take it nice and slow we [Am]got until tomorrow

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