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Friday Night (Lily Allen)

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[Cm]..Friday night last [G/d]orders at the pub, [G]Get in the car and drive[Cm] to the club, There's a |massive crowd outside so we [G/d]get in to the queue It's quarter |past 11 now we won't get [Cm]in till quarter to two. |..It's quarter to and we |get to the front, |..Girl on a guest list |dressed like a c*** |..She asked security to |check inside my shoes, You can |play this game with me but you |know you're gonna lose. [Fm]..Looked me up and down, [Cm]..I don't make a sound, [Fm]..There's a lesson that I want you to learn, If you're [G]gonna play with fire then you're |gonna get burned, |[Cm]..Don't try and test me cos you'll [G]get reaction, |..Another drink and I'm [Cm]ready for action, |..I don't know who you think| you are, But making| people scared wont get| you very far. |[Cm]..In the club make our |[G/d]way to the bar, |..Good dancing love but you |should have wore a bra. |..Guy on the mike and he's |making too much noise, |..There's these girls in the corner wanting |attention from the boys. |..I see these girls and they're |shouting through the crowd, |..Don't understand why they're |being really loud. They make their |way over to me, They try to |push me out the way, I'll push her |back, she looks at me and says, |What you tryna say?

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