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Friday Night - McFly

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E5 E5 E5 ---- ---- ---- ------ [E/G#] [Asus2] F#5 ---- ---- ----- ----- E5 E5 E5 ---- ---- ---- ------ [E/G#] [Asus2] F#5 ---- ---- ----- ----- sleeping through the day cause i work all night get out of the way things are coming alive look over there another fight F#5 i guess i should of seen the warning signs E5 [E/G] [Asus2] we could be together ------ change the world for ever F#5 E5 ever make it all together E5 they"re realy giving me the [E/G] [Asus2] F#5 eye e eye e eye e eye yeah [C#m] [A] [B] no no no nothings wrong with dreaming sme wiv uva verse...

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