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Got to get into my life - The Beatles

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intro: [E]-------7-------8--10------7----8----------------------------------- [B]-----------------------------------------------------8------------- [G]------------------------------------------------------------------- [D]------------------------------------------------------------------- [A]------------------------------------------------------------------- [E]------------------------------------------------------------------- [G] [F] I was alone I took a ride I didn"t know w hat I would find there [G] [F] A nother road where maybe I can see an other kind of mind there [Bm] Bb+ [D/A] [Abm7] O oh the n I sudde nly see yo u [Bm] Bb+ [D/A] [Abm7] O oh did I tell you I need y ou [C] [C/B] [Am7] [D] [G] E very sing le day of m y li fe You didn"t run you didn"t lie you I wanted just to hold you And had you gone you"d knew in time we meet again for I"d have told you Ooh you were meant to be near me And I want you hear me Say we"ll be together every day [G] [C] [G] [C] Go t to get you into my life [E]--3--3--5--6------1---3-------- [B]---------------3--------------- [G]------------------------------- (repeat this twice after "Got to [D]------------------------------- get you into my life") [A]------------------------------- [E]------------------------------- What can I do? What can I be when I"m with you I wanna stay there If I"m true I"ll never leave and if I do I know the way there Ooh then I suddenly see you Ooh did I tell you I need you Every single day of my life Got to get you into my life (repeat 1st verse with a slightly different sound to the vocals)

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