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Here in my heart

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[A] [D] [C#m] Wh erever y ou are to night [Bm] [A] I’ll see you in my dr eams [A] [D] [C#m] Whe rever I go tom orrow [Bm7] [A] You ’ll be here next to me [Em] [D] And th ough we are a world apart [C#m] I know you’ll never be that far Chorus [A] [C#m7] ’cause here in my h eart [F#m] [A] There’s a picture o f us [D] [A] T ogether f orever [E] Unfaded an unbroken [A] [C#m] Wh erever y ou are [F#m] Your love covers me [D] [Bm7] Fo rever m ore you’ll be [E] [A] Here in my heart Whenever I miss you so much It’s more than I can bear I won’t cry, I’ll just close my eyes And know you’ll be there Your kiss and your touch I’ll never forget ’cause you’re as close As my very next breath

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