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I Lay My Love On You - Westlife

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[Am] [Dm] Just a smile and the rain is gone [G] [C] [Em] Can hardly believe it (yeah) [Am] There"s an angel standing [Dm] Next to me [F] [G] [C] [G] Reaching for my heart [Am] Just a smile and there"s [Dm] No way out [G] [C] [Em] Can hardly believe it (yeah) [Am] But there"s an angel and [Dm] She"s calling me [F] [G] [C] [G] Reaching for my heart [Am] I know , that I"ll be ok now [C] [F] [G] This time it"s real [D] CHORUS: I lay my love on you [A] It"s all I want to do [Bm] [A] Every time I breathe I feel brand new [D] You open up my heart [A] Show me all your love , and walk [Em] Right through [G] [A] [D] As I lay my love on you [Am] [Dm] I was lost in a lonely place [G] [C] [Em] Could hardly believe it (yeah) [Am] [Dm] Holding on to yester days [G] [C] [G] Far , far too long [Am] Now I believe its ok cause [C] [F] [G] This time it"s real (chorus) [D] [G] [A] [D] [G] | | | - [Bm] Like a once in a lifetime [D] [G] [A] You - change my world


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