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If I Were You

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[A]Y ou seem to [C#m]fin d the [A]dark, when [C#m]everything is bright [A]Y ou look for [C#m]all that's [G]wrong, instead of [F#m]all that's right [A]D oes it feel [C#m]g ood to [A]you? To rain [C#m]on m y parade [A]Y ou never [C#m]sa y a [G]word, u nless it's [F#m]to com plain... [G]It 's driving me [D]in sane [A]I f I Were [E]Yo u, holding the [G]wo rld right in [D]my h ands. [A]T he first [E]thing I'd do, is thank [G]the stars for all [D]that I am... If I Were [A]You and so on...

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