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If - Westlife

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intro : [A]-[Am7]-[A7]-[D]-[Dm]-[A]-[Bm7b5/F]-[E7] If a [A]picture paints a [Am7]thousand words Then [A7]why can't I paint [D]you? The [Dm]words will never [A]show The [Bm7b5/F]you I've come to know[E7] If a[A] face could launch a[Am7] thousand ships Then [A7]where am I to [D]go? There's[Dm] no one home but[A] you You're[Bm7b5/F] all that's left me[E7] to And, [F#m]when my [F#M7/E#]love for [F#m7]life is running [D6]dry You [C#m7]come and [F#7]pour [Bm7]yourself on me[E7] If a [A]man could be two[Am7] places at one [A7]time I'd be with [D]you [Dm]Tomorrow and [A]today Beside[Bm7b5/F] you all the way [E7] If [A]the world should stop [Am7]revolving Spinning [A7]slowly down to [D]die I'd [Dm]spend the end with [A]you And, [Bm7b5/F]when the world was [E7]through Then, [F#m]one by [F#M7/E#]one, the [F#m7]stars would all go [D6]out Then [C#m7]you and [F#7]I would [Bm7]simply [E7]fly [A]away

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