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I"ll Always Remember You - Miley Cyrus

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Intro: A Verse 1: [A] I always knew this day would come [E] W e"d be standing one by one [Bm] W ith our future in our hands [D] S o many dreams so many plans [A] Al ways knew after all these years [E] The re"d be laughter there"d be tears [Bm] Bu t never thought that I"d walk away [D] wi th so much joy but so much pain [Bm] [E] An d it"s so hard to say g oodbye Chorus : [A] [E] But yeste rday"s gone we gotta keep moving on [Bm] [D] I"m so thankful for the moments so glad I got to know ya [A] [E] The times that w e had I"ll keep like a photograph [Bm] And hold you in my heart forever [Dm] I"ll always remember you [A] [E] [Bm] [D] N an anan an a Verse 2: [A] [E] An other chapter in the book ca n"t go back but you can look [Bm] An d there we are on every page [D] M emories I"ll always save [A] U p ahead on the open doors [E] W ho knows what were heading towards? [Bm] I wish you love I wish you luck [D] F or you the world just opens up [Dm] [E] B ut it"s so hard to say goodbye Chorus [A] E veryday that we had all the good all the bad [D] I"l l keep them here inside [Bm] Al l the times that we shared every place everywhere [A] [D] Y ou touched my life [A] Ye ah one day we"ll look back we"ll smile and we"ll laugh [D] Bu t right now we just cry [E] [Bm] [E] C ause it"s so hard to s ay goodb ye Chorus [A] [E] [Bm] [D] N ana nan an a [D] [A] I" ll always remember you [Dm] [A] I"l l always remem ber you

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