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I"ll get you - The Beatles

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[C#] [Ab] [C#] [Ab] Oh ye ah, oh yea h, oh yea h, oh yea h. [C#] [F#] [Ab7] Imag ine I"m in love with you it"s easy "cause I k now; C3 [Bm] I"ve imagi ned I"m in love wi th you [F#] [Ab] [Ab] many , many, many times befor e. [C#] [Abm] [C#] I"ts not like m e to pretend, but I"ll get y ou. [Bbm] I"ll get you in t he end; [F#] [Ab7] Yes, I will, I "ll get you in the end. (same as first verse) [C#] [Ab] [C#] [Ab] Oh ye ah, oh yeah , oh ye ah, oh ye ah. I think about you night and day. I need you and it"s true; When I think about you I can say I"m never, never, never never blue. So I"m telling you, my friend, That I"ll get you, I"ll get you in the end; Yes, I will, I"ll get you in the end. (break): [F#] Well, there"s gonna be a time [C#] When I"m gonna change your mind. [Eb7] [Ab7] So you might as well resign yourself to me. Oh yeah. (back to first verse) For the ending of this song , the Fab four go from Db To Ab over and over played against the Oh yeah, Oh yeah"s.

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