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I"m Still Loving You

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[G]When I close my eyes i think of [D]you And the time we had been [Em]through Even though were for apart right [C][D]now [G]I remember back when you were here with [D]me How you made my [B]world [Cmaj7]complete But [D]now I'm left [G]alone We talked about [Cmaj7]love and hope Wishing we could start a [Bm7]life our [Em]own I [Am7]wish that I could live without [D]you Why did you [G]tear my heart [D]apart You said you love me [Em]from the [D]start All those [C]painful things you put me [G]through But [Am7]I'm still loving [D]you I [D]tried to give [G]my best to [D]you I don't [B]deserve the things you [Em][D]do [Am7]Everything has gone to [G]memories I just [C]wish I konw the truth [D]behind the [G]lies

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