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Losing My Religion - R.E.M

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Verse1: [G]Oh, [Am]life is bigger [Em]It's bigger than you And you are [Am]not me. The lengths that I will [Em]go to, The distance in your [Am]eyes, [Em]Oh no, I've said [Dm]too much, I set it [G]up. Chorus: That's me in the [Am]orner, That's me in the [Em]spotlight Losing my [Am]religion. Trying to [Em]keep up with you. And I [Am]don't know if I can do it. [Em]Oh no, I've said [Dm]too much, I haven't said [G]enough. Bridge: I [G]thought that I heard you [F]laughing, I [Dm]thought that [G]I heard [Am]you [Am]sing. [Am]I [F]think I thought I [F]saw [Dm] [G]you [Am]try. Verse: [G]Every [Am]Whisper of every [Em]waking hour I'm choosing my [Am]confessions, Trying to [Em]keep an eye of you Like a [Am]hurt lost and blinded fool, fool [Em]Oh no, I've said [Dm]too much, I set it [G]up. Verse3: Consider [Am]this, consider this, The [Em]hint of a century, Consider [Am]this: the slip That [Em]brought me to my knees failed. [Am]What if all these fantasies Come [Em]flailing around? Now I've [Dm]said [G]too much.

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