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Love Me Tender - Elvis Presley - ( Thai Trinh Cover )

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[D] [E7] [A7] [D] Love me tender, love me sweet, never let me go [D] [E7] [A7] [D] You have made my life complete , and I love you so Chorus: [D] [F#7] [Bm] [D7] [G] [Gm] [D] Love me tender , love me true, all my dreams fulfill [B7] [E7] [A7] [D] For my darling I love you , and I always will [D] [E7] [A7] [D] Love me tender, love me long , take me to your heart [D] [E7] [A7] [D] For it"s there that I belong , and we"ll never part CHORUS [D] [E7] [A7] [D] Love me tender, love me dear , tell me you are mine [D] [E7] [A7] [D] I"ll be yours through all the years , til the end of time

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