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Intro: [C]. . . [G]. . [Am][F]. . (Verse 1:) [C]She’s starin at [Am]me I'm sittin [G]wonderin [F]wat shes thinkin. Mmmmm [C] Nobodies [G]talkin Cause talkin just turns into [Am]screamin. [F]Ohhh And now it's I'm [Am]yellin over her [G]She yellin over me. [Am]All that that means Is neither [F]of us is listening. [Am](and what’s even worse) That we [G]don't even remember why were [Am]fighting. [F]So both of us are mad for... . (Pre Chorus:) [Am]Nothin (Fighting for) [F]Nothin (Crying for) [G]Nothin (Whooaaa) But we won't let it go for [Am]Nothin (No not for) [F]Nothin [G]This should be nothin to a love like what we got Ohh baby . (Chorus:) [C]I. Know. [G]Sometimes It's gonna [Am]rain [F]But baby can we make up [C]Now. cause. [G]I. can't Sleep through the [Am]pain. (Can't sleep through the [F]pain) . Girl I don't [Am]wanna go to bed (Mad at [G]you) And I don't want you to go to [Am]bed (Mad at [F]me) No I don't wanna go to [Am]bed [G](Mad at you) And I don't want you to go to [Am]bed [F](Mad at me) Ohhh noo no no . (Verse 2:) [C]And it gets me [G]upset Girl when [Am]you’re constantly accusing. (askin [F]questions like you already know) [C]We fighting this [G]war . Baby [Am]when both of us are losing. (this [F]ain't the way that love is supposed to go.) [Am]Whooaaaaaa [G](What happened to workin it [Am]out) [F]We've fall into this place Where [Am]you ain't backin down And [G]I ain't backin down So [Am]what the hell do we do [F]now... It's all for... . (Repeat Pre-chorus) (Repeat Chorus) . (Bridge:) [Am]Oh baby this [F]love ain't gonna be [G]perfect. (Perfect, perfect, ohh ohh) [Am] And just how [F]good it's gonna [G]be [Am]We can fuss and [G]we can fight . [F]Long as every [G]things all right [F]between us... Before we go to [G]sleep. Baby we're gonna [C][G][Am]be [F] happy. . [C]. [G]. [Am]. [F]. (Repeat Chorus)

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