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My heart stays with you - Backsteets Boys

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Girl I miss you And it"s only been one day since I been away And aw Lady I say I long to kiss you And hold you in my arms The nights are much too long when you"re gone Baby that"s why... chorus Wherever I go Girl my heart stays with you My heart stays with you After every show I wanna rush over to you My heart stays with you Trust me, when we are apart I won"t break your heart Wherever you are I know you feel me, Baby And I can feel you too No matter what you do I think of you chorus Baby, yeah When I"m leaving town Girl, it hurts me too But I"ve got a job to do I"ll be back around To see your sweet face Your reembrace No one can take your place I want you to know...... Wherever I go I"ll be rushing over to you chorus Wherever I go Where I stop, who knows Whatever I do My heart stays with you I"m gonna rush, gonna rush over

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