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Only Love

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Only Love [Am]2 A [F]M and the [C]rain is [G]falling [Am]Here we [F]are at the [G]crossroads once [C]again You're [F]telling me you're so [G]confused You [Em]can't make up your [Am]mind Is this [F]meant to be You're [G]asking me Chorus: But only [F]love can [G]say – [Em]try again or walk [Am]away But [F]I believe for [G]you and me The [E]sun will shine [Am]one day So I'll just [F]play my [G]part And [Em]pray you'll have a change of [Am]heart [F]But I can't make you see it through [G]That's something only love can [Am]do In your [F]arms as the [C]dawn is [G]breaking [Am]Face to [F]face and a [G]thousand miles [C]apart I've [F]tried my best to [G]make you see There's [Em]hope beyond the [Am]pain If we [F]give enough, if we [G]learn to trust (Chorus) [Dm7]I know if I [G]could find the words To [Em]touch you deep [Am]inside You'd [F]give our dream just one more chance Don't let this [G]be our last good-bye (Chorus) [G]That's something only love can [C]do

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