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Only yesterday

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[G] [Am] After long enough of being alone [Am] [D7] [G] Everyone must face their share of loneliness [A7] [D] In my own time nobody knew [G] [C] The pain I was goin" through [Am] [Dsus4] [D] And waitin" was all my heart could do [G] [Am] Hope was all I had until you came [Am] [D7] [G] Maybe you can"t see how much you mean to me [A7] [D] You were the dawn breaking the night [G] [C] The promise of morning light [A7] [Dsus4] [D] Filling the world surrounding me [D7] When I hold you (*) [F] Baby, baby, feels like maybe [Am] things will be all right [F] Baby, baby, your love"s made me [Dsus4] [D7] Free as a song, singin" forever Chorus: [G] [Am] [D7] Only yesterday when I was sad and I was lonely [G] [Am] You showed me the way to leave the past [D7] And all its tears behind me [B] [Em] Esus [E] Tomorrow maybe even brighter than today [Am] [D7] [Am7] Since I threw my sadness away [D7] [G] Only yester day [G] [Am] I have found my home here in your arms [D7] [G] [Em] Nowhere else on earth I"d really rather be [A7] [D] Life waits for us, share it with me [G] [C] The best is about to be [A7] [Dsus4] And so much is left for us to see [D7] When I hold you (back to * and Chorus)

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