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Prayer In C

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[Am]Yeah, You never said a [C]word You didn't send me no [G]letter Don't think I could [Dm]forgive you [Am]See our world is slowly [C]dying I'm not wasting no more [G]time Don't think i could [Dm]believe you [Am]Yeah, our hands will get more [C]wrinkled And our hair will be [G]grey Don't think i could [Dm]forgive you [Am]And see the children are [C]starving And their houses were [G]destroyed Don't think they could [Dm]forgive you [Am]Hey, when seas will cover [C]lands And when men will be no [G]more Don't think you can [Dm]forgive you [Am]Yeah when there'll just be [C]silence And when life will be [G]over Don't think you will [Dm]forgive you

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