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Release my soul

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Capo #3 [Em] [Am] Oh Take a look in the mirror you look so sad [Dm] [A] [Dm] It"s so cold like that winter market we used to go [Em7] [C] I don"t cry anymore but I feel so hurt ** [Fadd9] [Gm7] So I don"t need you to close to me [Gm] [Dsus4] You don"t hear me so you said [G] [Em] I don"t know why thing have changed since yesterday *** [Dm] This could be love again [C#m] All I need is you [E] Come back, I"m waiting, Anytime [F#m] The heavy rains come [A] Still I miss days with you [F#m] I can"t look into your face [Bm7] Oh Feeling blue and looking back again [A] Please come back to me * ** *** Repeat [Cadd9] [F] To stay with you always [C] [Am] [Dm] You are the world to me, and dreaming on [C] [Gm] So you can take my sword again for you [G] [F] How do you feel , so fine [C] [Am] You"re the world to me, and dream on [Em7] [Bb] You stole my heart so long ago [F] [Am] Oh I release my soul [Bb] So you feel my song [F] [Bb] [F] [C] [F] [Em] Bb (Si giáng trưởng) 0 1 333 1

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