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Roll The Dice (Sam Sam Đến Rồi OST)

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[Em] Sometimes you [Am] wonder [G] What if you could re-[D] write the moment [Em] Sometimes I [Am] figured out There's a-[G] nother [D] luck in imper-[Bm] fection [Em] Sometimes you've [Am] been bored [G] Then you learn to [D] think about and feel more [Em] Sometimes you've [Am] been bored vith the [G] life you [D] hate [G] Always be amazed, always take a risk [Em] Always keep the [G] pace in a lifetime [A] game [Em] 1,2,3,4,[A] 5,6, [D] Life is rolling the dice,babe [Em] you can not imagine what would [D] happen [G] in a second [Em] 1,2,3,4, [A] 5,6 [A] Life is rolling the [Bm] dice, babe [Em] while you're lost in the dark, close your [D] eyes, you'll [C] find the [G] lights [D] shine in the other [Em] side

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