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Verse: [E] Taking it slow, but it's not typical [E] He already knows that my love is fire [E] His heart was a stone, but then his hands roam [E] I turned him to gold and it took him higher Pre[C]horus: [C#m] Oh, I'll be your [A] daydream, I'll wear your [E] favorite things [B] We could be beautiful [C#m] Get drunk on the good [A] life, I'll take you to [E] paradise [B] Say you'll never let me go Chorus: [C#m] Deep in my bones, I can feel you Take me [A] back to a time when only we knew [E] Hideaway [B] [C#m] We could waste the night with an old film Smoke a little [A] weed on the couch in the back room [E] Hideaway [B] [B] Say you'll never let me go [C#m] [A] [E] [B] [B] Say you'll never let me go [C#m] [A] [E] [B]

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