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Solo Tu

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1. [Am] Caught up caught up by the way you look tonight [G] Don’t let it stop ‘cause you make me feel alive [Dm] Love is hard to find, so baby I [Am] won’t let go [Am] I followed followed as you turned and walked away [G] Wait up wait up I got so much more to say [Dm] Never felt this way, don’t leave me [Am] on my own [F] Uhm Uhm Uhm [G] Uhm, Uhm [F] Uhm Uhm [E] Uhm Chorus: Solo [Am] tu, solo [C] tu, solo [Dm] tu, solo [C] tu, my [Dm] baby You’re the [G] feelin’ in my [Am] heart that’s gonna [E] start to light my [Am] way Uh [C] Huh, Only [C] you, only [Am] you, only [G] you, only [C] you, my [F] baby Can we [G] dance some more, ‘cause you’re my [E] only cure, [Am] solo tu 2. [Am] It’s burning burning you’re the fire that’s shining bright [G] Come let me in and we’ll sail the wave tonight [Dm] No way I can fight it, I lost [Am] all control [Am] Don’t say don’t say that your heart is insecure [G] Too late too late as I’ve moved across the floor [Dm]Say you’re coming home already [Am] wherever I go [F] Uhm Uhm Uhm [G] Uhm, Uhm [F] Uhm Uhm [E] Uhm * Solo [Am] Tu, [C] ah ha ah ha ha , Soto [Dm] tu, solo [E] tu, solo [Am] tu

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