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Some Nights

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[C]Some nights I stay up [F]cashing in my [F]Some nights I [C]call it a [G]draw. [C]Some nights I wish that my [F]lips could build a [C]castle. [F]Some nights I [C]wish they'd just [G]fall off But I [F]still wake [C]up, I still [F]see your [C]ghost. Oh Lord, I'm [F]still not [C]sure what I [G]stand for, oh. [F]What do I [C]stand for? [F]What do I [C]stand for? [Am]Most nights, I [G]don't know anymore [F] [C] [F] [C] [F] [C] [G] [X2] [F]This is it, boys. [C]This is war. [F]What are we [C]waiting for? [F]Why don't we [C]break the rules [G]already? I was [F]never one to [C]believe the hype. [F]Save that for the [C]black and white. I try [F]twice as hard and I'm [C]half as liked, But [G]here they come again to jack my style And that's [F]alright [C] I found a [F]martyr in my [C]bed tonight. She [F]stops my bones from [C]wondering Just [G]who I am, who I am, who I [F]am. [C] Yeah, oh [F]who [C]am I [F]mmmm [C]mmmmm [G] [F]Some nights I [C]wish that this [F]all would [C]end 'Cause I [F]could use some [C]friends for a [G]change. And [F]some nights [C]I'm scared you'll [F]forget me [C]again. Some [F]nights, I always [C]win (I [G]always win) But I [F]still [C]wake up, I still [F]see your [C]ghost. Oh Lord, I [F]still don't [C]know what I [G]stand for, oh. What [F]do I [C]stand for? What [F]do I [C]stand for? [Am]Most nights, I [G]don't know [F]So this is it? [C]I sold my soul for this? [G]Washed my hands of that for this? I miss my mom and dad for this? [F]No. When I see stars, when i [C]see stars, that's all they are. When I [G]hear songs, they sound like a swan. So come [F]on. Oh, come [C]on. Oh, come [G]on. Oh, come on! [F]That is it, guys, [C]that is all. [F]Five minutes in and [C]I'm bored again. [F]Ten years of this, and I'm not [C]sure if [G]anybody understands. [F]This is not one for the [C]folks back home. [F]I'm sorry to leave, Mom, I [C]had to go. [F]Who the fuck wants to [C]die alone all [G]dried up in the desert sun? My heart is [F]breaking for my sister And the [C]con that she called love. But when I [G]look into my nephew's eyes, [F]Man, you wouldn't believe [C]The most amazing things that can come [G]from. (F C F C F C G x4 and through ending) Some terrible nights. [F]The other night, you [C]wouldn't believe the [F]dream I just had [C]about you and me [F]I called you up, [C]but we'd [G]both agree [F]It's for the [C]best you didn't [F]listen [C] [F]It's for the [C]best we get our [G]distance.

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