Song for you

Intro: [F]--[F]--[F]--[F]--[F]--[Am]--[Dm]--[Bb]--[C]
I light a candle
Keep staring at the rain
I’m picking up the p ieces
[Dm] [Bb] [C]
What was love transformed to pa in
I look at photos
As tears fall from my eyes
Would love to h old you close
[Dm] [Bb] [C]
To be n ear you fo r a wh ile
[Bb] [C] [Am]
Even if I k now you’re go ne
[Dm] [C] [Bb] [Gm] [Am] [C]
Oh I’m still holdin g on-- -------to the l oving mem ories
I try to find out
Was it me who couldn’t see
[Am] [Dm] [Bb] [C]
I’m looking back to figure out was it something in bet ween
We never even argued
We never even shed a tear
[Am] [Dm] [Bb] [C]
But suddenly you f lipped the coin and nex t day you disa ppear ed
[Bb] [C] [Am]
And even if I know you’re go ne
[Dm] [C] [Bb]
I sing this song here all alone
[Gm] [Am] [C]
For the l ove of you and me
[F] [Am] [Bb]
I sin g this song for yo u
[C] [F]
Wh erever you ma y be
[Am] [Bb] [C]
I ho pe you sometimes think of me
[F] [Am] [Bb]
I h ope you underst and
[C] [F] [Am]
The pain that I am going t hrough
[Bb] [C]
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