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Song from a stormy night

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[Em] [Bm] The rain beats hard at m y window [C] [G] While you, so softly do sleep [Am] [Em] And you can’t hear the co ld wind blow [Am] [Bm] You are sleepin g so deep [Em] [Bm] Out side its dark, the mo on hiding [C] [G] By s tarlight only I see [Am] [Em] The h osts of the night-time go riding [Am] [D] But you are safe here with me [G] [Bm] So, while the world out there is sleeping [C] [G] And ev eryone wrapped up s o tight [Am] [Em] Oh, I am a vigil here keeping [F] [D] On this stormy night [G] [Bm] I pro mised I always woul d love you [C] [Em] If s kies would be grey or be blue [Am] [Em] I w hisper the prayer no w above you [Am] [Bm] That there will always b e you [Em] [Bm] Som etimes, we"re just like the weather [C] [G] Changing by day aft er day [Am] [Em] As l ong as we"ll be together [Am] [Bm] Storms will pass away [Em] [Bm] I s aid I would guard and protect you [C] [G] Keep you free from a ll harm [Am] [Em] And if life should eve r reject you [Am] [D] That love would weather eac h storm (Back to Chorus) Instrumental: E G#m A E F#m C#m D B E G#m A C#m F#m C#m F#m G#m (Short Break) [Em] [Bm] Soon, I know you"ll b e waking, [C] [G] Ask did I sleep- did I write? [Am] [Em] And I"ll just say I wa s making [Am] [Bm] [Em] A song... for a stormy night.

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