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Stand By Me - Seal

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Intro [A] [F#m] [D] [E7] [A] . Verse 1 [A]When the night, has come. [F#m]And the land is dark. And the [D]moon, is the [E7]only light we'll [A]see. Oh I [A]won't, be afriad, no I [F#m]won't be afriad just as [D]long as you [E7]stand, stand by [A]me. . Chorus: So darlin' darlin' [A]stand by me. Oh [F#m]stand by me. Oh [D]stand, [E7]stand by, stand by [A]me. . Verse 2 If the [A]sky, that we look [F#m]upon, should tumble and fall. And [D]the mountains [E7]should crumble to the [A]sea. I won't [A]cry, I won't cry, no [F#m]I won't shed a tear just as [D]long as you [E7]stand, stand by [A]me

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