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Tears in heaven - Eric Clapton

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[A] [E] [F#m] W ould you kn ow my name, [D] [A] [E] I f I s aw you in h eaven, Would it be the same, If I saw you in heaven, [F#m] [C#] I must be s trong, [Em] [F#] an d carry o n, [Bm] [E7] Cau se I know I don"t b elong, [A] He re in heaven. [A] [E/G#] [F#m] [D] E7sus [E7] [A] | | | | | Would you hold my hand If I saw you in heaven Would you help me stand If I saw you in heaven I"ll find my way, through night and day Cause I know I just can"t stay Here in heaven [C] [G/B] [Am] T ime c an bring you d own [D] [G] [D] [Em] [D] [G] T ime can b end your k nee [C] [G] [Am] T ime can b reak your h eartD G [D] [G] H ave you begging please B (Intro) [C] [G] B eyond the d oor [D] [Fm] T here"s peace I" m sure. [C] [G] A nd I know there"ll be n o more... [D7] [G] Te ars in hea ven

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