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The Ballad Of Paul K - McFly

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[D] He"s drinking cold Corona [Bm] Feels like is getting older [Em] [A] Now and noticing how he"s finding [D] Grey hairs left in the shower [Bm] Tattoos fade by the hour [Em] [A] And he can"t understand these feelings Pre-chorus [G] [A] Why life is getting him down [D] He used to smile now he frowns [D/C#] [Bm] And cries inside [Em] Its been this way for a while [E] [A] And he can"t seem to put things right Chorus [D] [D7] [G] [G#] [Em] When life has been unkin d [E] [A] [A/G] And you" re losing your mind [F#] [Bm] [Bm/A] [Em] Look in the mirror afraid of what you"ll find [Gm] [D] [A] [D] [A] [D] It feels like time"s not on your sid e Verse 2 (Same chords) He doesn"t like to mention Applying for his pension So his children don"t know he"s heading Into a mid-life crisis He cant afford the prices for The new kitchen floor he"s buying Pre chorus 2 He"s been a drunk all his life Two kids, a dog and a wife He doesn"t know And in the daytime he just sits and watches television shows Chorus Bridge [C#m] [A] Dont know why but somehow [C#m] The ones you love you hate now, [B] [E] You feel down and blue [C#m] Look at what you"ve thrown away [B] They stood beside you all the way e ---------------------| B ----2-3-5-----5-7-8--| G ---------------------| D ---------------------| A ---------------------| E ---------------------| (there"s probably an [A7] chord in there somewhere - you need to experiment) [A] Now its too late, its too late for you