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The Cat Return - Kaze Ni Naru

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[C]..if only i could [C]be wherever you are[Am] if only i could [F]know what's on your mind[G] if only i could [Em]tell you what's on mine[Am] if only i could [F]show you how i feel[G] if only you would [C]look my way just this once[Am] if only you would [F]listen to my heart[G] if only you could [Em]see the love in my eyes[Am] if only you would [F]stay and be with me[C] I've never ever [F]felt this way before and now I only [C]want to see you more[Am] oh baby would you [Dm]take me by the hand together we could [G]fly across the land LA LA LA LA LA[C] LA LA LA LA LA[G] you're shinning like the [Am]sun within my heart[Em] whatever [F]I have been through[C] I'll [C]never feel blue for [Dm]I am [C]here with you[G] LA LA LA LA LA[C] LA LA LA LA LA[G] I'm singing like I've [Am]never sung before[Em] the world is [F]so much brighter, and [C]so much better for [G]you have come along[C]

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