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Think For Yourself

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Verse 1 [Am]I'v e got [D]a word [Bb]or t wo to [C]say abo ut the things [G]that you do [Am]Yo ur telling [D]al l [Bb]those li es About [C]t he good things we can [G]hav e if we close [Am]our eyes Chorus [C7]D o what you want to do And [G]go where your going to [Eb]Thin k for yourself [D]'cau se I won't be [G]there w ith you Verse 2 (Same Chords as above) I left you far behind, the ruins of the life that you had in mind. And though you still can't see, I know your minds made up, you're gonna cause more misery. Verese 3 (Same Chords as above) Although your minds opaque, Try thinking more if just for your own sake. The future still looks good, And you've got time to rectify all the things that you should.

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