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Till the end

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[C] [F] A ll these precious mom ents [C/G] [G] W ith you by my si de [Am] [F] Must be a gift from he aven [Dm] [G] T hat’s holding me all nigh t [C] [F] I don’t know how I found y ou [C/G] [G] I’ m thankful that I h ave [Am] [F] N ow that I have a love so tru e [Dm] [G] To hold, to keep, to share CHORUS : [C] [F] [F] I n my heart I can no longer hold ins ide [C] [C/B] [Am] All of the love I used to hi de [C/G] [Dm] [G] I’ll always be with yo u until the v ery end [C] [F] [G] In this world there in no place I’d rath er be [C] [C/B] [Am] Y ou are my life, my soul, my g irl [C/G] Y ou through it all I know [Dm] [F] [G] [C] That you’ve come to see that you’re t he one till the e nd [C] [F] All my friends around me [C/G] [G] Say you’d be gone too s oon [Am] [F] B aby I’m gonna make them see [Dm] [G] W e’ve found our way bac k home

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