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Time in bottle

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If [Dm] I could save [Dmaj7] time in a [Dm7] bottle [Dm6] The [Gm6] first thing that I'd like to [A7] do Is to [Dm] save every [Dm7] day till e-[Bb] ternity [Gm7] passes a-[Dm] way Just to [Gm] spend them with [A7] you If [Dm] I could make [Dmaj7] days last for-[Dm7] ever [Dm6] If [Gm6] words could make wishes come [A7] true I'd [Dm] save every [Dm7] day like a [Bb] treasure and [Gm7] then [A][Dm] gain, I [Gm] would spend them [A7] with you. But there [D] never seems to be [Dmaj7] enough time To [D6] do the things you [D] want to do, once you [G] find [Gmaj7] them [Em7] [A7] I've [D] looked around [Dmaj7] enough to know That [D6] you're the one I [D] want to go through [G] time with [Gmaj7][Em7][A7] If [Dm] I had a [Dmaj7] box just for [Dm7] wishes [Dm6] And [Gm6] dreams that had never come [A7] true The [Dm] box would be [Dmaj7] empty, ex-[Bb] cept for the memo-[Gm7] ry Of [Dm] how [Gm7] they were answered by [Dm] you.

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