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Wait - The Beatles

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WAIT- The Beatles Em7 [A] Am [Em] B7 Em [Em7] [A] [Am] [Em] [B7] [Em] [Em7] [A] [Am] [Em] [B7] [Em] It"s been a lo ng ti me, n ow I" m comi ng back h ome [Em7] [A] [Am] [Em] [B7] [Em] I"ve been away now, oh how I"ve been alone CHORUS: G [Cmaj7] [G] [Cmaj7] [G] Cmaj7 [G] [Cmaj7] G] back tCmaj7 [G] [Cmaj7] Wa it ti ll I come o yo ur s ide [G] [B7] [Em] [G] [B] [Em] We"ll for get the te ars we cri ed But if your heart breaks, don"t wait, turn me away And if your heart"s strong, hold on, I won"t delay ...CHORUS BRIDGE: [Em] [Am] [D] [G] [Em] [Am] [D] [G] I fe el as though y ou ought to k now that I"ve been g ood Em [Em] As good as I can be [Am] [D] [Am] [D] And if yo u do, I"ll t rust in you [G] [Em] B [G] [Em] [B] And know that you will wai t for m e

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