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When i"m sixty four - The Beatles

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[Bb] [F7] Wh en I get older, losing my hair,many years from now. [F7] Wi ll you still be sending me a valentine? [Bb] Birthday greetings, bottl e of wine. [Bb] I f I"d been out till quarter to three [Bb7] [Eb] W ould you lock t he door? [F#7] [Bb] [G7] Will you still n eed me, w ill you still f eed me, [C7] [F7] [Bb] W hen I"m sixty-f our? (Instrumental Tacet:Gm Eb F Gm) [Gm] [D] [Gm] [D] [D7] Yo u"ll be old er to o_ ____ _ [Gm] [Cm] An d if you say the wo rd, [Eb] [F] [F9] [Bb] I c ould stay wi th yo u.

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