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You like me too much - The Beatles

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Verse 1 [G] [Am] [C] [G] T hough you"ve gone a way this morning yo u"ll be back agai n tonight, [G] [Am] [C] [G] Tell ing me there"ll be n o next time if I just don"t treat you right, Chorus [Bm7] [D7] You"l l never leave and you kn ow it"s true, [G] [C] [D] Cause you like me too m uch and I lik e you. Verse 2 You"ve tried before to leave me but you never had the nerve, To walk out and make me lonely which is all that I deserve, Chorus Bridge [G] [Em7] [A7] [Bm7] [A7] [Em7] [A7] I really d o and it "s nice wh en you beli eve me i f you lea ve me, Verse 3 I will follow you and bring you back where you belong "Cause I couldn"t really stand it I admit that I was wrong, Chorus Solo: G [G] [C] G E|--7---6---5---3--|--7---6---5---3--|------------------|------------------| B|-----------------|-----------------|---1---3---4---5--|------------------| G|--7---6---5---4--|--7---6---5---4--|---2---3---4---5--|------------------| D|-----------------|-----------------|------------------|------------------| A|-----------------|-----------------|------------------|------------------| E|-----------------|-----------------|------------------|------------------| D [D] [D] D E|--7---6---5---3--|--7---8---9---10-|---10--8---7---5--|------------------| B|-----------------|-----------------|------------------|------------------| G|--7---6---5---4--|--7---9---10--11-|---11--9---7---5--|------------------| D|-----------------|-----------------|------------------|------------------| A|-----------------|-----------------|------------------|------------------| E|-----------------|-----------------|------------------|------------------| [G] [C] [D] "Caus e you like me too m uch and I like y ou Verse 3 Chorus [G] [C] [D] "Cause you like me too mu ch and I like you

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