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10,000 Promises

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[G]On ce we were lovers [Cm]and [Am]lovers we were... oh... what a life [G]On ce we were dreamers [Cm]and [Am]dreamers we were... oh... you and I [G]Now I see you're just [Cm]some body [F]who waste all my time and mo......ney What [G]a [Cm]life... [F]you and I... What [G]about your Your ten thousand [Cm]promises That [Cm]you [F]gave to [G]me Your ten thou [Cm]sand promises That [Cm]you [F]promi [G]....sed me [A]Once I could handle the [Dm]truth [Bm7/5]when the truth was... you and I... [A]Time after time all the promises [Dm]turned [Bm7/5]out to be a lie... [A]Now I see I'm just [Dm]some [Bm]body who wasted my time and money... [A]What a [Dm]life... [G]you and I... What about [A]your Your ten [Dm]thousand promises That [Dm]you [G]gave to [A]me Your ten thousand [Dm]promises That [Dm]you [G]promised me You [F]said I'll take you back But [Em]I closed the [E7]door [Dm]'Cause I [G]don't want ten thousand more [B] [Em] [A] [B]Ten thousand promises yeah... ten [Em]thousand promises That [Em]you [A]gave to me... What about [B]your Your ten [Em]thou sand promises That [Em]you [A]gave to me [B] Your ten [Em]thousand promises That [Em]you [A]prom ised [B]me Your ten [Em]thou sand [Em]pro [A]mises [B]that you gave to me Your ten [Em]thou [Em]sand p [A]romises that you gave to me [G]Once we were [F#]lovers just lovers we were... Oh... [Em]you [A]and I... What [B]a life...

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