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A World Without Danger (OST Lyoko Code)

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Theo vòng: [F] [C] [Dm] [Bb] [F]There is a [C]world, [Dm]That is virtual and [Bb]different, [F]It can be [C]so cold, [Dm]Makes us stand up for [Bb]what's right, Our hope through our lives, If we reset it to the start Here we are, going far, to save all that we love If we give all we've got we will make it through Here we are, like a star, shining bright on your world today... Make evil go away! Code Lyoko: We'll reset it all Code Lyoko: Be there when you call Code Lyoko: We will stand real tall Code Lyoko: Stronger after all A world of machines, It can shadow human nature And all that we need, Is the way to find the answer And one thing is sure, You can count on us for good (Refrain) W e'll do our best, To never let you down We're up to the test, To turn this world around!

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