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All Two Well

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Regular tuning No capo Intro: C G Am F I walked [C]through the door with you The[G] air was cold, but something[Am] 'bout it felt like home [F]somehow And I left my scarf[C] there at your sister's[G] house And you [Am]still got it in your drawer [F]even now [C] [G] [Am] [F] Oh your sweet[C] disposition At my wide[G] eyed gaze We're singing [Am]in the car getting lost [F]upstate Autumn leaves falling [C]down like pieces into [G]place And I can picture[Am] it after all these[F] days And I know it's[C] long gone, and that magic's not [G]here anymore And I might[Am] be okay, but i'm not fine at all[F] [G] [Am] Cause here we[C] are again on that little [G]town street You almost ran[Am] the red cause you were looking [F]over me Wind in my hair I was[C] there I remember it[G] all too well[Am] [F] Photo album on[C] my counter Your cheeks [G]were turning red You used to be a little[Am] kid with your glasses in a twin size[F] bed And your mother's [C]telling stories 'bout you on[G] the t ball team You tell me about[Am] your past thinking your future was[F] me And I know it's[C] long gone, and there was nothing[G] else I could do And I forget about[Am] you long enough to forget why I needed[F] to [G] [Am] Cause here we[C] are again in the middle of[G] the night We're dancing [Am]round the kitchen in the [F]refrigerator light Down the stairs[C] I was there I remember [G]it all too [Am]well [F] [C] [G] [Am] [F] [G] And maybe we got[C] lost in translation Maybe I asked [G]for too much But maybe this thing[Am] wasn't masterpiece Till you tore[F] it all up Running scared,[C] I was there I remember [G]it all too [Am]well [F] Hey you called me[C] up again just to break me[G] like a promise So casually [Am]cruel in the name of being[F] honest I'm a crumbled[C] up piece of paper lying [G]here Cause I remember it all[Am] all all [F]too well[C] [C] [G] [Am] [F] Time won't[C] fly it's like i'm paralyzed[G] by it I'd like[Am] to be my old self again But i'm still [F]trying to find it After plaid [C]shirt days and nights when you made [G]me your own Now you mail[Am] back my things and I walk home [F]alone But your keep [C]my old scarf from that very [G]first week Cause it reminds[Am] you of innocence and it smells [F]like me You can't get[C] rid of it, cause you remember it [G]all too well[Am] [F] Cause there we[C] are again and I loved you[G] so Back before you[Am] lost the one real thing you've[F] ever known It was rare, I [C]was there, I remember it[G] all too well[Am] [F] Wind in my hair[C] I was there I[G] remember it all Down the stairs[Am] you were there you[F] remember it all It was rare, I [C]was there I remember [G]it all too well[Am] [F]

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