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Amazing Grace ( My Chain Are Gone )

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Amazing [G]Grace, how [C]sweet [G]the sound, That saved a wretch like [D]me. I once [G] was lost, but [C]now im [G]found, Was blind, but [D]now [G]I see. Twas [G]grace that thought my [C]heart [G]to fear, and grace my fears [D]released. [G]How precious did [C]that grace [G]appear, the [D]hour I [G]first believed. (My chain are gone): My chain [C] are gone, I've been [G] set free, My God, my [C] Savior has [G] ransomed me, And like a [C] flood His [G] mercy reign Unending [D] love, amazing [G] grace. [G]When we've been there ten [C]thousand [G]years, [G]Bright shining as the [D]sun, [G]we've no less days to [C]sing [G]god's praise [G]Than when did [D]when we [G]first begun. [G]Amazing Grace, how [C]sweet the [G]sound, That saved a wretch like [D]me. I once [G]was lost, [C]but now [G]im found, Was blind, but [D]now [G]I see.

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