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Are you man enough

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Intro” [Am][F][C][G] 1. [Am] Dreams,babe, are made of e-[Em] motion [Am] Shadows and dark deep de-[Em] votion [F] Stay here, my heart is on [G] fire Oh, I'm born a-[Am] gain My heart is in your [F] hands My heart is [G] burning, turning ver and over my friend Chorus: [Em] Are you [Am] man enough But baby, are you [F] really tough To take my heart a-[C] way, my love Don't look back here I am just for [G] you Are you [Am] man enough Oh baby, are you [F] really tough If you light the [C] flame of love On the wings of my love we will [G] fly 2. [Am] Love me like there's no to-[Em] morrow [Am] Give up the fears and the [Em] sorrows [F] Passion of love stays for [G] ever Didn't I tell [Am] you that I need you [F] so My heart is [G] burning,turning Over and over again [F] Keep the fire burning in your soul Oh,my [G] heart is losing its con-[F] trol What I got is what you need to-[G] night [G] Are you man e-[Am] nough

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