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Baby One More Time

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Verse 1 Oh baby [Bm], [F#]baby Howwas I [D]supposed to know That [Em]something [F#]wasn't right here Oh [Bm]baby, [F#]baby I shouldn't [D]have let you go And [Em]now you're out [F#]of sight, yeah Show me how want it [F#]to be Tell me [D]baby 'cause I need [Em]to know [F#]now, oh because Chorus: My [Bm]loneliness [F#]is killing me (and I) I must [D]confess I [Em]still believe When [Bm]I'm not with [F#]you I lose my mind Give me a [D]sign Hit [Em]me [F#]baby one more time Verse 2 (Chord pattern is the same as the 1st verse) Oh baby, baby The reason I breathe is you Boy you got me blinded Oh pretty baby There's nothing that I wouldn't do It's not the way I planned it Show me how you want it to be Tell me baby 'cause I need to know now, oh because Verse 3 Oh [Em]baby, [F#]baby how was I supposed to know Oh [Em]pretty baby, [F#]I shouldn't have let you go I [D]must confess, that my loneliness is killing me now Don't [Em]you [F#]know I [Bm]still believe That you will be [F#]here And give me a [D]sign (Strum it slow) Hit [Em]me baby [F#]one [Bm]more time Not completely convinced ive got the last bit right but there you go....

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